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With an approach that enables them to continually tailor solutions that make organizations better, it’s no surprise that Preferred Technologies is committed to their relationships – customer and employee. In fact, they credit their culture of grit, tenacity, and perseverance as key contributors to their success.

Even at a glance, it’s easy to see how it lives on through their people. Their efforts to build and sustain lasting relationships in their business is what initially brought them to uMap™.


“uMap™ gives us the ability get to know each other on both a personal and professional level. Understanding each other’s responsibilities, goals and personal preferences allows for better communication and respect for each other’s responsibilities.”


The Problem

When asked what they are hoping to accomplish with the platform, President, Shaun Castillo, is focused on improving retention, increasing engagement, bettering their performance process, and knowing more about their people. And now, through the pandemic, they’re working on maintaining connection in a distributed workforce.


The Solution

Because Pref-Tech is already a culture-forward company, it was important for them to have the ability to bring the tools they’re already using into the platform. They’ve customized their account to include Everything DiSC ® styles along with their reports. Shaun and his team also opted to include a custom reporting function that allows him and his HR team to know what keeps people up at night. Between the two, it’s been just another tool for Pref-Tech to ensure the well-being and productivity of their employees.

Shaun noted that while the organization is on an annual review cycle, they’re utilizing the coaching feature regularly through the year – “The biggest improvement we’ve seen is with the effectiveness of coaching conversations during our end of year reviews. We also incorporate the use of the uMap™ to help guide our 1-on-1 coaching conversations.”

It has proven to be an outstanding way to focus performance management conversations. Gaining input from the employee being coached prior to the coaching conversation has provided great value and enhanced our managers’ ability to effectively engage.

-Shaun Castillo, President 

“Utilizing uMap™ forced us to standardize Top Responsibilities and KPIs for specific duty positions. By populating the uMap™ with that data, it allows all managers to be on the same page with their development of direct reports.”

The Results

When it comes to recommending uMap™ to others, Shaun gave their experience a 10 out of 10 and happily refers the platform to others. In addition to uMap™, Preferred Technologies has also partnered with BU through our customized leadership training program, Unmistakable LEADER. They’ve found the leadership development program keeps their leaders and teams connected to the “why” of Preferred Technologies.

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