Software + Training. The best duo since Hall and Oates.

Backed by brain science, uMap creates an environment where your managers become more confident coaches, employees engage on deeper levels and employee wellbeing is elevated.

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Employee Engagement

Connect. Align. Repeat.

uMap is your purpose-driven sherpa to bring everyone together and bring on the productivity. Simple on-boarding. Guided personal discussions so employees and managers form connections, build trust and recognize their achievements. It’s one-on-one success that gets collectively contagious.

Continuous Coaching

Manage Like a Boss.

Baked inside uMap is a managerial gem known as Thrive365™. A tool that builds manager confidence and focuses squarely on growth. Employees share goals, self-evaluations, favorite rap lyrics-whatever describes them. Insights are gleaned, so together they’ll plan a clear path to success-literally getting on the same page. A confidential one.

People Analytics

Control Freaks, Rejoice.

One thing about us manager types, we like things just so. So, we make sure you have all the reports you could ever want, need or dream of. Influencer Reports identifies trust builders and change agents. Training Cluster Reports pinpoint training efficiencies. And Professional and Personal Goal Reports support their success personally and professionally.


All-Knowing. All The Time.

The 365 Dashboard beholds all the intel to help you make informed decisions about your management team. Who’s engaging? Who’s performing? Who needs help? Everything but who left the coffee maker on in the office last night. It’s right there in the program and always has its finger on the pulse of your culture-at no extra cost.

Companies enjoying the BU treatment.

“It’s provided great value and enhanced our managers’ ability to effectively engage.”

Shaun Castillo-President
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“EV has been able to staff for growth whereas competitors struggle to attract people even with higher pay.”

Mike Novakoski-President/CEO
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