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Buffalo Construction is perhaps a diamond in the ruff in their industry. With a tagline of “Building Better”, they acknowledge that it means a lot more than “sticks and bricks”. After 25 years of business, their path to building better continues to grow – project to project, employee to employee. It only takes a few minutes to realize that the priority Buffalo Construction places on their clients is rivaled only by the priority they place on their employees.


“We acknowledge we are not in the construction business. We understand we are in the relationships business. Our approach is to build better relationships, better ways of communicating, and better ways to manage our projects.”

-Scott Gregor, President


The Problem

Historically, Buffalo Construction used a simple scorecard and hadn’t engaged much in performance discussions. In an effort to elevate their overall approach, they employed uMap to keep the process simple and effective when addressing initiatives around improving retention, engagement, coaching and maintaining connection.

Chris Dickerson, L & D Manager, noted that one of their goals were to improve connection across their distributed workforce, Chris says uMap is “a really great tool” for connecting people anywhere.

The Solution

Buffalo Construction committed to creating a coaching culture among their teams. After implementing uMap’s coaching tool, Chris added that uMap is the “perfect way to initiate a conversation” especially with employees who operate in a hybrid setting.

They also opted to roll out bu’s brain-science based leadership training which helped to put the “why” behind the platform into everyday practice- from building connection, resolving conflict, to becoming a better coach.

“I do believe relationships are improving because this tool allows us to really lean into our teammate’s personal and professional lives. I’ve also noticed a lot of veterans pulling up our new teammate’s uMap to learn more about them before meeting them.”

-Chris Dickerson, L & D Manager

“It’s a great tool to use to get to know teammates from a distance. It’s also a perfect way to initiate coaching conversations. I’ve actually shared the tool with other companies who’ve either signed up or are going to sign up in the future.”

The Results

Buffalo Construction took advantage of our dedicated customer success team and customized the platform to their specific needs. They integrated their own individual development plans into the platform to maintain consistency with current processes.

Buffalo Construction continues to prioritize relationships, understanding that by investing in the ongoing growth and wellbeing of their people they are investing in the financial wellbeing of their company.

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