Unapologetically bridging humanity and productivity.

Yes. It’s a thing. More to the point, it’s our thing. An undying philosophy that bridges team members’ oh-so needed feeling of belonging with a company’s real need to keep the well-appointed lights on. To ensure these two things aren’t mutually exclusive, we unleashed two fully-formed, deeply-intuitive ways to connect the modern company.

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Merely some new management software? Afraid not, friend.

uMap harnesses the sheer power of technology and delivers a proven methodology to engage teams and ensures they’re, in technical terms, crushing it.

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Manager training that teaches you, to be a more engaged you.

Your leadership DNA, our training methods. Backed with brain science and category-leading innovators, our sessions focus on how to communicate more effectively, fuel their progress and train them to keep them.

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Well-Being In Every Way.

While we’re focused on your financial health, our mission is always two-fold, keeping everyone in good mental health. And when team members feel welcome, heard and mentored, even their soul is in a good place.

Companies enjoying the BU treatment.

“It’s provided great value and enhanced our managers’ ability to effectively engage.”

Shaun Castillo-President
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“EV has been able to staff for growth whereas competitors struggle to attract people even with higher pay.”

Mike Novakoski-President/CEO
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